our philosophy


At Augusta School our goal is to provide a high quality program that emphasizes each child’s unique being and development. We believe this goal can be achieved by forming a partnership between parents, children and staff. Through this partnership we are able to build a foundation in which each child is given the opportunity to develop strong social, emotional and academic skills. We believe these skills are essential in forming a positive self-identity for the children of our future.

Our Commitment

Augusta School is a facility committed to providing a high quality education. We are devoted to maintaining an environment where self-esteem, self discipline, love of learning, and respect for others is paramount.

This commitment is supported by strong parent teacher communication and involvement. The school has an established policy of maintaining low class size and low staff to child ratios for each classroom. By maintaining low class size and low ratios Augusta School is able to provide ample opportunities for parent teacher communication, an more importantly, personal attention for each child.

Our staff has been screened and specifically selected based on their education, personal philosophy on caring and educating young children, and their experience in the Early Childhood Education field. The school follows the High Reach Learning curriculum. This curriculum is supported by various teaching tools as well as leading technology. In addition, an on-site Educational Co-Coordinator monitors each class for continuing progress and success and provides mentoring opportunities to ensure continued growth for Augusta School’s teaching staff. The classrooms at the school are equipped with leading edge materials and computers for children to enhance their educational experience and to encourage fun in exploration!

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