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Infant Care (6 Weeks old to 15 months old):

The Infant room at Augusta School is licensed for twelve children. The room will cap at nine enrollments with a 1:3 infant ratio. This ratio exceeds the State requirement of 1:4. Creating a nurturing, loving, and secure environment is our main goal. The benefits of this home-like atmosphere enable our infant caregivers to evaluate each child allowing for a program to be designed to suit individual needs. Developmental progress is achieved through activities that provide one-to-one child/caregiver contact. The activities are curriculum based and encourage large and small motor development, emotional, social and transitional skills. Parents receive a daily “Baby Banter” which is sent home at the end of the day. The “Baby Banter” provides a glimpse of what their infant’s activities for the day consisted of including diaper changes, feedings and nap times. Parents are also welcome to call throughout the day to receive updates on their infant.


Toddler Care (15 months old – 24 months old):

Augusta School’s Toddler program is licensed for ten children with the required State ratio of 1:5. We are proud to exceed Virginia state requirements by capping the room at a total enrollment of eight with a 1:4 ratio. All aspects of our structured toddler program emphasize education, individuality, communication and independence. Our teachers ensure that each child will progress appropriately by carefully evaluating their development on a continual basis. The children are given opportunities to further their development through a curriculum strong in large and small motor skills, social and emotional development as well as language skills. Through activities in art, music, sign language, creative play, and exercise the goals of the toddler curriculum are met.


Two Year Old:

At Augusta School, our Two Year old program will provide each child with endless experiences in development and education providing a strong base for a successful future. The Augusta School Two Year Old program is licensed by the State of Virginia for twenty children. Augusta School is proud to cap the class enrollment at sixteen children and a ratio of one adult to eight children. Augusta School is proud to offer a ratio of one adult per eight children. Our Two Year Old program continues to focus on each child as an individual while providing a structured environment. Incorporated in each child’s daily activities will be language arts, music, dramatic play, art and Spanish. The teachers will continue to encourage growth in the areas of social, emotional, and language skill development. During your child’s experience in the Two’s, a vital part of development is potty training. When each child is ready to begin the potty training process, our teachers will work in partnership with the parents and child to make this milestone enjoyable and successful.


Full Day Pre-School:

Augusta School is proud to offer one of the best Pre-School programs in Loudoun County. The Pre-School program is designed for children Three years of age. The Pre-School curriculum allows for social, emotional, and educational development. Each child is encouraged to participate in the schedule of daily activities which include Math, Science, Social Studies, Language Arts, Dramatic Play, Music, Computers, Spanish and Art. Augusta’s Pre-School program provides a strong base for future academic success of every child.


Full Day Jr. Kindergarten:

The Augusta School Full Day Jr. Kindergarten is designed as a stepping stone to prepare the children enrolled for our Full Day Private Kindergarten Class. The goals of the Jr. Kindergarten are to develop early literacy and problem solving skills, enabling each child to develop naturally while instilling necessary academic skills. In addition opportunities will continue to be provided through out the curriculum and within the lesson plans for social, emotional, physical and intellectual development. This will be achieved through Math, Science, Social Studies, Language Arts, Creative Play, Music, Movement, Computers and Spanish.


After School Program:

At Augusta School the program focus for the School-Age child is on self esteem, positive role models, respect for others and self discipline. The program is licensed for thirty children with two teachers which exceeds the 1:18 state ratio regulation. Through a structured daily schedule, children will have time for homework, outdoor play, group activities and arts and crafts. During winter and spring breaks children will continue with a structured program allowing for the opportunity to experience various field trips and outreach activities to enhance our program focus.


Part Time Private Pre-School Programs:

There are several program options to choice from. The three day option, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, is offered to children three and a half to five years of age. The two day option, Tuesday and Thursday, is designed for fully potty trained children two and half to three years of age. The programs consist of a balanced amount of large and small group activities that are teacher directed or children initiated and are age-appropriate. The lesson plans are based on the High Reach Curriculum. Activities are based on children’s interests and are designed to promote a life long love of learning while fostering each child’s social and emotional development.


Private Full Day Kindergarten:

The Augusta School Private Kindergarten will accept 16 children allowing for a 1 to 8 teacher student ratio. The class will focus on numerous areas of education following the Virginia State Standards of Learning, Loudoun County Public School Standards of Learning, and PALS assessments. Augusta School will focus on oral language development as the basis for writing, reading and critical thinking. The class will continue building on the knowledge skills that each child brings to the group. The teacher will foster risk-taking using hands on activities, manipulation of learning materials, and interaction with each other. In addition, a performance assessment that includes observations and quarterly report cards.


Summer Camp (6 year olds to 12 year olds):

Augusta School offers a fun educational summer camp program for children ages five to twelve years of age (children must be eligible for Kindergarten for the Fall). Our small class size of 30 children and a ratio of 1 adult to 15 children will allow for numerous fun and challenging experiences. Children will be viewed as individuals and their interests and needs will be recognized on a daily basis. The program will consist of weekly themes designed to engage children in a variety of activities both on and off site. Two weekly field trips will be chosen to enhance the themes. In addition, a ratio of at least one adult to five children or less will be followed for each off site field trip. Two weekly swimming trips will occur with a ratio of least one adult to five children. On site programs with outside educators and entertainers are also scheduled to compliment the Summer Camp experience.


Spanish Emergent Program:

The goal of the Spanish Emergent program is to immerse children in our Two year old through Kindergarten programs in the Spanish language. The class will expose the children to a new culture that compels them to interact in a new language. Through song, dance, and repetition children will learn the days of the week, months of the year, parts of the body, colors, shapes and many other useful words and phrases. Class size is kept small to allow for maximum learning opportunities.


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